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Calendar: The Academic Year at Concordia starts en in September and ends in April. It is divided into two semesters: Fall Semester (September through December) and Winter Semester (January through April). Most courses last only one semester, but some last for the full Academic Year. Most exchange students come to Concordia for one semester, but can apply to come for one full Academic Year. If you are admitted for only one semester, then you cannot register for courses that last the entire Academic Year. Please visit the following websites for a list of important dates, including semester start and end dates and holidays.

Undergraduate course load: You must take at least 12 credits each semester, which normally equals four courses worth three credits each. Most students take around fifteen credits, or 5 courses. Taking more than 15 credits is not advisable and may not be possible. When you apply, you should list at least six courses you would like to take while here. You should not include graduate courses on your list as you will not be able to register for them.

Graduate student course load: You must take at least 8 graduate credits while here. Most students take 9 credits or 3 courses. When you apply, you should list at least 4 courses you would like to take. You should not list undergraduate courses as they do not count towards the minimum 8 graduate credits required for registration.

Courses and descriptions: Please visit the appropriate website for you.

Course schedule: You can view the latest Concordia course schedule online. If you are trying to select courses for a future semester not yet appearing, then please assume that most of the courses listed on the current schedule will be offered during the same semester(s) for future academic years. The schedule is normally updated in March for the following academic year.

Restricted Courses: Not all of Concordia’s courses are open to exchange students. When selecting which courses you would like to take at Concordia, please keep the following lists of restrictions in mind.

For admitted exchange students: If you have already been admitted as an exchange student to a Concordia program and would like to take courses in one of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ various departments, you must contact that department’s corresponding academic advisor to request permission to register for them.


In general, course registration at Concordia takes place online. You will receive registration instructions in your admission letter. Some students might be required to contact an advisor to register for al or certain courses. You are strongly advised to register for courses as soon as you are told that you can do so. If you wait to register for courses later or - even worse - until after you arrive at Concordia, be advised that most courses will be full and closed. It is your responsibility to read all information as soon as you receive and to act promptly on it.

For more information and instructions on how to register, please visit the Registrar’s website for Registration Instructions

Permanent Code

While there will be information about the permanent code in your admission package, every year a number of students fail to act on it. At the same time you register, you should also obtain your permanent code - an identification number every student in Quebec must have. Failure to obtain your permanent code as instructed will result in your receiving a bill for tuition fees equal to the international student rate for your program.


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